More than just a pan

EngelElzen is more than cookware. They are kitchen tools that will last you a lifetime, designed to make cooking easy, no matter what you're doing.

EngelElzen cookware are made with solid cast iron, so they can be used on everything from induction cooktops to a roaring campfire.

Developed by Chef Michael Van de Elzen and Engineer Carl Engel, EngelElzen was created to bring you cooking success whatever cooking element you use. And for us here at EngelElzen, the goal is much more than just making sure that you have the best cast iron cookware out there— it's about helping people like us (and YOU!) learn how to cook better and enjoy food more.

Photo by Babiche Martens

A taste of nostaglia

EngelElzen is bringing back memories to Kiwi kitchens with their classic cast Gem Iron pan.

Words can't describe how delicious Gems are - but with an EngelElzen Gem Iron, you'll be raving about them in no time!


    Carl Engel is the precision engineer behind the development of the EngelElzen range. Carl is the very same design mastermind who brought you the premium outdoor cooker - The Engel Fire. With a passion for great food and the Kiwi lifestyle, it's no surprise that Carl has now collaborated with Michael Van de Elzen to develop this unique cast iron cookware. With a high level of manufacturing standards and a keen eye for the detail - it's a match made in the food heavens! Carl is constantly honing his craft, refining his design ideas and ensuring the precision of his workmanship is to the highest accuracy. This is the quality that you have come to expect from the Engel Fires brand, and the EngelElzen range is of no exception. 


    Michael Van de Elzen has worked in some of the best restaurants around the world. After several years in Europe he then returned to New Zealand in 2002 and opened his multi award winning restaurant, Molten with his wife Belinda. With a number of television series along the way he and his family finally settled on a small farm in Muriwai 40 minutes north-west of Auckland, opening Good from Scratch Cookery School in 2020. Cooking with quality cookware can play a vital part of a successful dish so working with Carl has allowed us to shape a cast iron pan that will become part of your success in the kitchen every day.

  • Chef + Engineer = Perfection

    Poured at a Christchurch foundry, the EngelElzen pan is engineered to cooking perfection. Made from solid cast alloy combined with iron, this pan is built to last!

  • Consistent cooking every time

    From induction cook tops right through to roaring campfires, the EngelElzen pan is up for the task. The smooth surface prevents sticking.

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