EngelElzen brings together two passionate individuals: Chef Michael Van de Elzen and Engineer Carl Engel. Together, they're developing a range of cast iron cookware that's designed to last a lifetime.

The first product in their lineup is the EngelElzen Solid Cast Iron Pan, which combines the durability of solid cast iron with the functionality of being able to cook on any element. The pan's high-quality construction means it will stand up to heavy use while still being easy to use and clean—and because it's solid cast iron, you can expect this pan to last for generations.

The EngelElzen brand focuses on sustainability, durability and functionality. Their goal is to buy once and keep for life—and why wouldn't you? With an EngelElzen pan in your kitchen, you'll never have to worry about replacing your cookware again!

Designed to cook on everything from induction cooktops to a roaring campfire, you will be making delicious meals with your friends and family wherever you are.