Caring for your EngelElzen Cast Iron Cookware

The EngelElzen Cast Iron range is manufactured in a Christchurch foundry and delivered by our team in Whakatane. Every pan is poured with high-grade iron which is a combination of alloys iron. It’s super tough, durable and is guaranteed to last a LIFETIME.

As with anything that we expect to last a lifetime, there is a little preparation and care required to keep your EngelElzen pan functioning perfectly. If you haven’t used Cast Iron cookware before, the first and most crucial step is called ‘pre-seasoning’ and although it takes a little bit of your time – if you follow our instructions to the letter – your household will be reaping the benefits for future generations!

Seasoning EngelElzen Cookware

You'll need:

- Dish soap & water

- Some elbow grease & a little bit of patience

- Your oven

- Vegetable oil

- A dry cloth / Paper towel

Seasoning Steps

Pre-heat the oven to 70°C on fan bake.

Lightly wash your pan in warm soapy water, ensuring the pan is dried off well with a towel. 

Put your EngelElzen pan in the oven for 30 mins (this helps to make sure your pan is completely dry before we start to season).

Take the pan out of the oven and then turn up the heat to 200°C.

Remove the pan from the oven, then dip a paper towl into a small amount of vegetable oil. lightly coat the pan with a thin layer of oil.

Place the pan back in the 200°C heated oven, upside down for another 60 minutes (you might want to put it on some foil to catch any oil drips).

Flick the oven off and leave it in there to completely cool.

If the pan is still sticky when it's completely cooled, place in back in a hot oven for another hour to finish curing.

All done! You’re ready to cook with your EngelElzen Cast Iron Cookware.

What does seasoning your pan do?

Seasoning your EngelElzen pan carbonizes a layer of oil into the pan giving the classic black look. It also helps to prevent food from sticking and protects your pan from rusting.

If your pan does start to rust or becomes sticky - simply repeat the seasoning process.

We recommend seasoning your EngelElzen pan once a year, or better still, cook with it regularly! The more you use your EngelElzen pan, the better it will become.

Cleaning and caring for your EngelElzen Cast Iron

Once your pan has been pre-seasoned, it's easy to take care of. No need for the dishwasher!

Step 1. WIPE/WASH Wipe out with a dry paper towel or rinse with hot water when your pan is still warm from use. For hard to remove food, you can use an EngelElzen sustainable scrubbing brush and some soapy water.

Step 2. DRY Dry your EngelElzen pan thoroughly after each use.

Step 3. CONDITION Before storing, apply a fingertip of the EngelElzen conditioning balm to the pan (inside, outside and handle) with a dry cloth.

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