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EngelElzen Protecting Wax

EngelElzen Protecting Wax

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Handmade by the team at EngelElzen our Protecting Wax will be your new best friend in caring for your EngelElzen cast iron pan. Made from our a blend of beeswax, canola and grapeseed oil, our Protecting Wax is the easiest way to care for your cast iron cookware.

After each use, wash the cast iron pan and dry thoroughly (ideally when the pan is still warm from cooking). A fingertip of the wax using a cloth or paper towel and spread evenly all over the pan inside and out as well as the handle. As the pan cools the balm creates a protective layer and enhances the black iron finish.

Caring for your EngelElzen

Step 1. WIPE/WASH Wipe out with a dry paper towel or rinse with hot water when your Cast Iron is still warm from use.

Step 2. DRY Dry your EngelElzen thoroughly after each use.

Step 3. CONDITION Apply a fingertip of the EngelElzen conditioning balm to the Cast Iron (inside, outside and handle) with a dry cloth.

Cast Iron Materials

Cast Iron is iron that has been melted, poured into a mold, and allowed to solidify. It's a mixture of alloys with iron.

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