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The EngelElzen Cast Iron Skillet

The EngelElzen Cast Iron Skillet

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The EngelElzen Cast Iron Skillet is a solid cast iron pan designed to bring you cooking success no matter what cooking element you use.

The EngelElzen Cast Iron Skillet is the perfect companion to the EngelElzen original pan. It's been uniquely designed to function as a skillet, and also as a lid to use with your deep EngelElzen Cast Iron pan. 

Designed by engineer Carl Engel and Chef Michael Van de Elzen, this pan is cast right here in New Zealand. EngelElzen cookware has been engineered to give you maximum cooking enjoyment. These pans have been designed to cook on induction cooktops, to a roaring campfire, an EngelElzen pan is up for the task. 

With solid handles for lifting and a thick cast base for an even cooking surface. What makes EngelElzen pans stand out is that they have had an extra grind after the casting process making it perfect for induction cooking. 

The EngelElzen skillet is sure to become a family favourite that will be passed down for generations to come.

Caring for your EngelElzen

Step 1. WIPE/WASH Wipe out with a dry paper towel or rinse with hot water when your Cast Iron is still warm from use.

Step 2. DRY Dry your EngelElzen thoroughly after each use.

Step 3. CONDITION Apply a fingertip of the EngelElzen conditioning balm to the Cast Iron (inside, outside and handle) with a dry cloth.

Cast Iron Materials

Cast Iron is iron that has been melted, poured into a mold, and allowed to solidify. It's a mixture of alloys with iron.

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